Two years ago while working at a job that I loved, I acquired a severe repetitive strain injury that affected both of my wrists and forearms. Doctors ruled out carpel tunnel syndrome, but diagnosed me with tenosynovitis (tendonitis) and myofacial pain disorder. The chronic pain was so bad I had to resign my job, and I was unable to play the piano, type or perform any repetitive actions with my hands and arms including cutting food and driving long distances. I saw many professionals to help manage some of the pain such as physiotherapists and chiropractors but no one recommended massage because it was thought that it would exacerbate the inflammation and make things worse. Specialists turned me away even with family doctor referral because they could not offer any help. So I thought that was it; a 40 yr old mom of 3 with a disability in both arms. Unable to work, play sports with my boys or perform basic household duties without extreme pain to contend with, my method of coping was to take heavy pain meds and hit the bed until the inflammation settled down, sometimes lasting days. This past summer we moved to Three Hills (of all places) and I found the answer to my prayers. A good friend recommended trying  Urban Renewal because she had experienced complete healing from a soft tissue injury in her hands. I was extremely reluctant and very skeptical that this could make any kind of difference; just another ‘alternative health professional’ to make empty predictions that their method will produce results. The first appointment was excruciating I will admit. Two years of protecting my muscles and using the wrist splints the Ortho specialist sold me, just caused my arm muscles to seize and become extremely weak. I thought for sure Rob (the RMT) threw me into a full-fledged episode of extreme inflammation, but the next morning I woke up and there was no muscle pain. Still fighting my skeptical self, I continued to go once a week and noticed a difference after each half-hour session. Rob taught me how to self-massage at the on-set of muscle tension or pain in my arms. I couldn’t believe that I was able to prevent inflammation using my own hands. Rob challenged me to start playing the piano for a short time a day and work up to playing for longer periods using self-massage to work out any forming tension. I thought he was crazy, but I tried anyway. After only 4 sessions of RAPID, my pain was COMPLETELY gone. I woke up one morning in August and actually tried to find pain by digging my fingers into my forearm tendons. I could not find any tension build up or painful areas. It was like I experienced a miracle. My next appointment was pain-free and Rob didn’t need to continue seeing me as long I continued feeling fine.I am so grateful. It is so important that the medical community can offer R-NFR as an viable option not just for pain management, but for soft tissue healing; to educate people who are suffering with chronic pain that there are more options that are proven to work. Cortisone shots, pain meds, and other band-aid forms of pain management do not heal soft tissue. From my own understanding of how it works, R-NFR frees the muscles to heal themselves. I learned that there was no permanent damage and now I am using my arms normally. Since August I have referred several friends to make an appointment with Rob or Sherry. Yesterday I played the piano in church for the first time in 27 months, and this morning I woke up pain free. A very happy ending to a painful journey. Shiloh Nott

For 15 years I was out of work for debilitating pain down my right arm, I even had a disc replaced in my neck to try and alleviate the problem. My quality of life was very poor as I was unable to do anything I had previously enjoyed, I was severely depressed. My first appointment with Sherry was frustrating as she had hope for me after I had completely given up-I left angry vowing never to return. The next day I had to call and book as my pain had actually subsided. Fast forward 6 months and I was able to return to the workforce and sew- my passion that I thought was completely lost to me. If you are wanting results for a favorable outcome to unwanted pain that is preventing you from making the most of your life, Rob and Sherry can & will help you! I tried everything & everybody; no one was able to help me the way Sherry & Rob did :-), -M.H.

Thankyou very much for all your help with my injuries. The difference is absolutely amazing compared to my previous range of motion. I'm a little sad I can't bring you with me to McGill. I'll have to try and find someone as good as you...but I doubt I'll be able too!

I greatly appreciate your kindness,  

-Lindsay Parker

Amazing therapy with amazing people. Educated, compassionate & visionaries...Rob & Sherry from the bottom of my heart thank you for getting me back on my feet...literally :) I have had tremendous benefits from their therapy. I had planter fasciitis in both my feet & had days I could barely walk in the mornings. It was impacting my life significantly. Thanks to Rob & Sherry's therapy I am back on my feet and am feeling better than ever. Although the therapy can be painful the benefits are amazing. Thank you Rob & Sherry for your welcoming, professional, & educated help.  -Barb Sijbrandi

Love Rob and Sherry they have helped my family so much, thanks you guys!!- Deanie Lynch

 I had severe undiagnosed pelvic pain after surgery. Docs said they were perplexed and tried a variety of drugs. I had been very active and was reduced to a very slow pace, and that with considerable pain. Severe pain kept me from sitting at all. I had also lost the sensation to my bladder and could not tell when it needed to be emptied. After 3 months of this invalid life I went to Rob and in just a few sessions I was back walking a fast pace without pain. A few more sessions and I got my bladder sensations back. It took a little longer to sit without pain but it is coming as well and each week is greatly improved. I am so grateful we have Rob & Sherry in our small town. They are a gift to us. -Julia Unger

"The best day of my life, I wouldn't have been able to do it with out you, Rob."- Carrie Lecuyer

I have had problems with my feet all of my life. For many years I have not been able to walk without having inserts in my shoes made especially for me. Sherry Routledge at Urban Renewal suggested I try RAPID. Under her care and attention she has made a world of difference to me and my feet feel great. I can walk in any kind of shoe and I don't have to have inserts in my shoes. I can even walk barefoot, something I have not been able to do in years. I am not a person that usually says very much about what is happening in my life but I would recommend this treatment to anybody. I has helped me so much. I can still hardly believe my good fortune and how well I feel. She has worked on other parts of my body that I was having difficulty with and the same results. I just feel so much better. It is still amazing to me what a difference these treatments have made. -Shirley Adam July 2006

Several years ago, I had a hockey injury to my ankle. The Dr told me that I would be walking around fine in two weeks. My ankle was so stiff after I got off crutches I could hardly move it. (A break almost would have been better) anyway, after two painful visits to Sherry my ankle was now better than my "good" ankle. Since then I have been an absolute believer in RAPID and sincerely believe it can relieve people from pain they have been needlessly living with for years. PS. The pain is a good pain due to the positive results.  -Ken McDonald

I"ve been going to Sherry longer than she has had her extra certifications because I have bone spurs in my C3-4-5 vertebrae that were pinching the nerves running to my arms. At the time Sherry only did massage but she tried everything she could to relieve my pain. I just wanted someone to cut my left arm off as no amount of pain killers could control the agony. The Dr. sent me for an MRI - it was decided that surgery to remove the spurs would be the appropriate treatment. However - by the time my name came to the top of the list to even see a surgeon, it was 2 1/2 years later and I had been seeing Sherry and she had managed to work her magic. I refused the date with the surgeon and the surgery and have a standing appointment with Sherry - and now Rob - when things get painful. They know exactly what to do and I now have complete use of my left arm with no pain, tingling, numbness or invasive surgery. Sherry has also managed to control the pain my SI joints and works me over now and again when they get out of control. RAPID has saved my sanity - chronic pain takes you places you don't want to be. Pills never worked on my pain - this is the only treatment that has ever touched it. I too am so very grateful that both Sherry and Rob decided to take their training and remain in our town.

- Barb Rosgen

RAPID has helped me in so many ways, I have plantar fasciitis which if you read and information on it they say it's only fixable through surgery? WRONG 2 treatments on my feet and I was off running again. Same with my sciatic nerve, I was in an unbelievable amount of pain during pregnancy and could hardly walk, Rob and Sherry fixed me right up! I will try Adhesion Release before I would try any other type of treatment and I've never needed to go any farther. What Rob and Sherry do is simply amazing and we are very lucky to have you sharing your skills in our community. Thanks Guys! –Kelli Becker

I suffered for months and months with frozen shoulder pain so intense I was reduced to tears on an almost daily basis. Prescription pain killers, physiotherapy treatments and cortisone shots did provide some short temporary relief but they were only band-aids. It wasn’t until I started doing release sessions with Sherry that we actually got to the core of the problem. Sessions were painful but Sherry knew her work and my limits, and we made mobility progress on a weekly basis. Thanks to Adhesion Release Sherry gave me back my life within a few short weeks. I am a firm advocate of their reset technique and know it can relieve needless pain people have been living with for years. Better to treat the problem than camouflage the symptoms. –Sandi Matus

Love Urban Renewal and I feel like I have been cured of my neck issues since getting

R-NFR. Thanks so much! -Nancy Ramus

My husband was down with severe hip sciatic pain. He could hardly move for 3 weeks despite the drug      cocktail of morphine, Percocet, Gabapentin, as well as some shot in emerg. We heard about Rob and Sherry and to our amazement in just one session my husband got off the table nearly pain free. It was incredible. –Julia Unger on behalf of Menno Unger

Life changing experience. Thank you!- Dawn Breiland Gulmick

I live in Saskatchewan,  but found out about Urban renewal and Rapid sessions from my daughter who had been there to receive treatments herself.  I have very tight hips and glutes that causes me pain on a daily basis, and wakes me in the night, nearly every night. I tried physiotherapy for months, which lessened it somewhat during the day, but still not at night.  I had a few treatments at Urban Renewal, (with Sherry) , and it  is the only thing that relieves it for night time. As  I live 3 hours away,  I don't get to have treatments as often as I'd like,  but it's well worth the drive,  and i will continue to do so as often as I can,   to relieve the pain and get a peaceful night’s sleep. 

Thank you, Urban Renewal!


Rose Hammerlindl 

Mantario, Saskatchewan 

I first came to urban renewal with bad lower back pain which I have dealt with for a long period of time. I always meant to come by but never did until I was told it was my sciatica. My mother in law goes and she kept telling to. I made the appointment and have been going since. It has helped me tremendously. I can bend and move without pain. I go once a month and will keep going as I enjoy not having to live with the bad back pain anymore.  Thanks so much to you all at urban renewal.

Natalie Kopjar 

Two years ago while Ron and I were in Arizona I unfortunately was suffering from sciatica. I had excruciating pain which didn't allow me to barely walk. I couldn't sleep as it was so painful to lay on my back. When we arrived back home I quickly called your office and was booked in promptly to see Rob. I knew it would hurt having him work on me but after 3 to 4 sessions with him I was without pain. I don't know what I would have done without you and your help. You've not only helped me but you've also relieved Ron of his frozen shoulder. I will gladly tell anybody to go for help at your office!! Thanks a million for helping us both. -Ron and Sherry

I arose on January 4, 2014, to find myself in incredible pain and unable to walk unless I bent over.  My left leg was very painful and unreliable.  The front of it was saying that the shin was numb, but it wasn’t actually numb to the touch.  A visit to the Emergency Room at Three Hills Hospital the next day was not comforting nor did it provide any pain relief.  I was unable to sleep more than two hours at a time, switching from  200 mg ibuprofen to my trusty hot water bottle on to trying the recliner instead of bed to taking 2 Tylenol #1 (8 mg codeine each) and back to bed again. (I have deliberately run this together to give a feeling of how all-encompassing this pain became.)  I still had to try to keep the household up and functioning,  of course, including driving and shopping.  My leg/hip hurt so much that by the time I drove from home in Huxley to Highway 21—possibly ¼ mile—I was in tears; a couple of times I simply turned around and came home.

After about 6 weeks of this unending agony, Dr. Savage sent me to see Rob Routledge at Urban Renewal for RAPID-NFT, with the warnings ringing in my ears of “it will hurt a lot !”  Figuring that it had to be worth the chance, I bravely signed-up for the first appointment.  I had thought that my leg could not possibly hurt more than it already was doing, until Rob started to work on it.  I was wrong.  I did start to improve, slowly, which was disappointing for both of us, but at least improvement was happening.  We stuck with it, appointments were spaced farther apart, and finally, after about 6 months, I was moving freely again.


I cannot give thanks and credit enough to Dr. Savage for sending me to Rob for care, and especially to Rob and his skills and devotion to patient care.  I should add that, as a retired pharmacist, I am traditionally rather sceptical of the claims made for Alternate Therapies.  Just this afternoon, as I walked easily and naturally across a wet street, merrily dodging puddles, I gave thanks again for “The Man with the Magic Hands”  (and a very big heart).   I have my life back !


Sincerely yours—Bless You, Rob !

Judi Martinez

Can't thank Rob enough!!  2 yrs ago I suffered from plantar fasciitis in my right foot and after 4 treatments of RAPID-NRF. and some exercises that Rob suggest I do at home I was back to normal.   I have to admit the treatments of RAPID-NFR. were painful working out that knot in my foot but so worth it in the end when I could get back jogging and being active again!!


Karen Metzger

My heroes, two days in a row! If you have sore muscles, headaches, tension, etc, etc, etc....call urban renewal! They will fix you right up :)  -Ranae Dalgetty

I climb ladders for a living and spend a lot of time at a desk also. I was getting headaches and neck pain as well as general tightness around my neck and shoulders. After my first session a left feeling light as a feather. I enjoyed the technique so much I booked only the rapid sessions from there after. I look forward to my sessions and feel better every time. I think I don't even need to go anymore.... But I do anyway because it feels so great! Thank you for your healing hands!!!
Jennifer Knight

I went to Rob with plantar fasciitis, it was so hard to get out of bed and walk in the mornings, some days I wanted to crawl it hurt so bad! Two treatments from Rob and it's gone!

I had to drive an hour to see him, but oh it was worth it to get this treated. Thanks Rob!!

Sandy Mattie!

I suffer from chronic shoulder and sciatic problems. I have gone to see both Rob and Sherry. They both have this sense about them that makes me feel comfortable as soon as I walk in the door. Their skill and knowledge is incredible. I leave there feeling incredible relief and knowledge about what is happening in my body that goes beyond any expectation. I believe that if anyone is lucky enough to have a chance to learn from them, should jump at the chance. They are mentors both personally and professionally. 

Tabitha Enzie

I would just like to Thank Rob and Sherry for everything!  It is true that as one gets older all those "young" injuries come back to haunt you!  With the knowledge of these two talented and dedicated people, we have been able to conquer old problems such as plantar fasciitiis and shoulder injuries and neck pain.  As well as fixing the problem, they give you advice and exercises to do at home so the problem does not reoccur!!  I have seen many professionals and paid many dollars in the past but now I just head up to Three hills to see Rob or Sherry.  My only complaint is that now that everyone knows how good they are, it's getting harder and harder to get an appointment!!! Thanks a million you two! -Shannon Severson

I was recommended, from a guy at work, to see Rob about fixing my headaches. Rob worked on me a handful of times, and made things much better. He also gave me a few home exercises that really help. Rob works deep into the muscles to get the nasty knots out...it hurts, but it’s a good hurt that feels a million times better when he’s finished. Overall, excellent service, great people, and highly recommended to anyone needing professional massage therapy. I’ll be back when the pain is back:)




Well I thought I was coming in for a relaxing massage and boy was wrong.lol. It was RAPID Reset therapy which I knew nothing about but did I ever find out in a hurry. He told me I wouldn't like him through this process but I was like how bad could it be. I am 6-4" tall and pretty muscular build. And I will tell u this I was almost in tears. It was something that I wasn't ready for but when we were done I felt a lot better. A few days later I was happily surprised with the results I felt quite a bit of relief in my upper back. I know one thing I would recommend it for anyone. I need to get back in to keep getting my body back to normal. They r very knowledgeable there and are great people. 

Thank u
Loren Balon

I had suffered with sciatica for 9 months and was slowly improving when I came to Urban Renewal. I had 3 sessions and was pain free. Now whenever I feel it coming back I go for a maintenance visit and help keep the pain away. 

Frieda Janzen 

221 Main Street

Three Hills Ab



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