Course Location:Four Points by Sheraton Edmonton International Airport403 11 Ave, Nisku, AB T9E 7N2Cost $599.00 Classes 9am-5:30pm  (seminar limited to 26)Please note this class is Monday and TuesdayLOWER BODY SEMINAR will cover;-Sciatica-Bursitis-Bunions-Plantar Fasciitis-Knee Pain-Quad and Hamstring Pulls-Low Back Pain-Sacroilliac Dysfunction-Shin Splints-Baker's Cysts-Arthritic Joints-Pronation and Supination corrections-Pubic Symphysis Releaseand much more

RAPID Lower Body Edmonton, August 10-11, 2020


    221 Main Street

    Three Hills Ab


    403.443.3338 or 403.443.1997

    If you've tried everything to rid your pain, you haven't tried this!

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